Technological Achievements

Technology Innovation Leaing Enterprise¡¯s Development

1. Strengthen the Construction of R&D Team and Conditions
Haoyue Group will gradually expand R&D team in the next three years according to the actual situation of R&D center and combined with long-term development goals, and expect to organize a research team with long-term developing potential, to form a scientific and technical elite team with strong theory, new ideas, being able to study, practise, hard work and get new achivements year by year. 

The company now has ten technical experts, eight senior technicians , eighteen mid-level technicians, and cooperates with Jilin University, East China University of Science and Technology and some other institutions, to realize the integration of production, study and research..
Besides relying on its own technical force, the company cooperated with Jilin University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Shandong Agricultural University, Jilin Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other related units, has made substantial progress in fresh preservation and tenderization of beef as well as beef products development, and applied the achievements into the production, to create profit for the company. In particular, the the protein powder developed cooperatively, has put into market, that increase the added value of cattle by-products and create economic benefit for company.
Company cultivated more than 40 technicians and trained research personnel and technological personnel through product development, so that they could acquire advanced technology, intellectual development and improve the innovation capacity.
Haoyue Group R&D building up to 5000 square meters, including GMP workshop, laboratory, bio-pharmaceutical workshop and various warehouses. Haoyue introduced three production lines including capsules production line, tablets production line, granule production line and imported some advanced equipments such as high-performance liquid chromatography, atomic absorption spectrophotometer, Ultraviolet spectrophotometer.

In the past few years, the researching achievements of R&D center includes superoxide dismutase (SOD), heme iron, plasma protein powder extracted from cattle blood; bio-calcium extracted from bone; chondroitin sulfate from extracted from cartilage. Until now, the Center took use of extracted products to produce health food with various health care functions. Thereinto, Haoyue protein powder, Mingyue capsules, Yingyue capsules, Xinyue capsules has been approved, can put into production as soon as the health permit issued.

2. Industry-advanced Technology Leading the Leap-forward Development of Company
 (1) Beef Fresh-keeping Technology
Fresh-keeping technology is a production method of cooling fresh-keeping beef which has declared the national patent. It can solve tbe problems during the beef production and processing such as beef fresh level, health situation, meat color, aroma and tenderness, and extend the shelf-life of products.
 (2) Key technologies for high-grade ¡°Snowflake¡± beef, T-bone steak and beef slices series recombination
  Taking use of key technology of high grade ¡°snowflake¡± beef production, transfer the muscle to ¡°snowflake¡± beef with fat deposition in the muscle, so as to improve the beef quality, improve the taste of food (palatability, flavor, juicy and Tenderness, etc.) and  enhance the value of meat.
 (3) Electrical stimulation and grading pre-cooling technology after slaughtering
Electrical stimulation is that, under a certain voltage, frequency and period of time, the current stimulate the cattle or sheep carcess through the nerve system in one minute after slaughter or direct muscle depolarization to cause the muscle contraction, so as to increase the glycolysis rate of meat, rapidly reduce the PH value, thereby, the meat goes into the state of rigor mortis at a relatively high temperature, to avoid the occurrence of cold shrink and improve the quality of beef products.
 (4) Total Mixed Ration technology
Total Mixed Ration designed for ruminants is the world s recognized the most scientific, reasonable and promising technology of feed. Feed Company positioned at the total mixed ration, in accordance with the ruminants¡¯ requirements of various nutrients, mix concentrated, crude materials, as well as various minerals, microelements, vitamins at a scientific ratio, and then determine the specific formula of various products.  It is proved that the company s feed products for beef cattle, dairy farming have favorable results.
 (5) Beef fat Nutrition Adjustment Technology
According to the market requirements of beef fat, scientific adjust the rawmaterial ratio in the feed formula, to achieve the bes fat deposition of beef.  After practice, the beef cattle which took ¡°Haoyue brand beef cattle feed series" for the whole breeding period, after slaughtered, its meat, with clear marble pattern, can reach the standard of high quality beef.
 (6) Core Vitamines Control Technology
 Through a great deal of feeding practice, according to the world¡¯s advanced standard of core vitamine, the R & D personnel of feed company prepared a control standard of the core material of vitamin with Chinese characteristics,. At present, the company s core vitamin control technology takes the leading position in this field of China.